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Psychic Victim: Modern Day Witch Hunt?

When I first saw Nicky Alan live and witnessed the work she did as a psychic medium, I was impressed by not only her accuracy, but by her warmth and kindness. Even from on stage, where she could only interact with people under the pressure of time and under heavy scrutiny, she exuded such heartfelt kindness and respect for the people she was reading for. So when I found out, through her website, that she was being slandered, abused and experiencing damage to her property because of a Christian group, I was utterly shocked.

Last week, at Nicky’s shop, ‘Heaven on Earth’ at Chelmsford, members of a Christian group damaged and defaced the property, causing in excess of £500 worth of damage. Police made aware, Nicky is still awaiting justice for the vandalism. Posters advertising her work have been defaced with abusive comments, such as “Satanist Scum!”

Nicky herself, via her online blog, has said, “Sadly, it seems that the modern-day witch hunt continues. What a sad world we live in. Every banner and board I have used to advertise has been vandalised or scrawled on. I have had to report damages to the police eight times.”

Nicky has said that this isn’t the first time she has experienced such mentality from various people and religious groups. The psychic medium recalls many occasions where she has felt belittled, abused and at the receiving end of prejudice from others. Pointing out on her online profile that other religions, churches or groups would not accept such abuse on their property, Nicky wants only the same treatment that other people, religions or groups receive. Nothing more, nothing less.

I  was upset to see how Nicky has been treated. When those who profess to be Christians ignore the teachings of the New Testament in favour of their own inclinations and beliefs, the results are tragic. Just as when people were judged and executed in centuries past, when so called witches were burnt at the stake, one would like to believe that in modern times, we have passed the mentality of ruthlessly abusing and judging other people. One would like to think that we can now live in a society where people are free to make their own choices about their belief system, and not live in fear of what others will do to them.

When Jesus Christ came to earth, He said:  “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

He also said, “Why do you take the splinter out of your brother’s eye, when you miss the plank in your own?” The point being? Jesus wanted us to love each other, to refrain from judging. So whilst there are people out there abusing, hurting and slandering others, there will never be any love and acceptance. The irony is this: the group of people I described here are not sharing love, or acceptance, but are instead perpetuating the age-old degrading belief that those who are different should be excluded and thus become victims of modern day witch hunts.

Nicky Alan is working with a local paper about her negative experience in the hope that she can enlighten people to her plight and thus expose the hurt that such actions can cause.

I hope her work with the police, and the newspapers, will result in these people being brought to justice.

Nobody should be made to feel victimised about their beliefs – even when we feel threatened or confused about the beliefs of others, these should be enlightened times. We are no longer in the dark ages, we are no longer covered by shrouds of ignorance: there is just no excuse for such intolerance to another human being.

I would like to wish my best to Nicky Alan, my experience with her so far as been nothing short of dignified and caring, even through such trying times.


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