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True Life Account: An Australian Haunting

Anybody who has read my novels knows that I am passionate about the paranormal. I like to explore this fascinating subject as much as possible. I always approach paranormal accounts with an open mind, and when I came across this story on a website, I wanted to explore it further. I contacted the person in question, and thankfully she was willing to share her account of her haunting experience. I want to thank her for her time,  honesty and for sharing an account of her life that was, at that time, troubling and upsetting to her. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed it.




Can you share with us a little bit about yourself and your background, Melissa?

I was raised in New South Wales, Australia in a Christian home.  My Father was a Pastor of a Church for more than 25 years, so being a good Christian daughter went along with the territory I suppose.  I’m happily Married to my Husband John, am the Mother of 5 children and am currently working full time in administration for a Trade College, so life is pretty much as mundane, hectic and normal as family life can be really.

Can you tell us when you moved into the home, and how soon you started noticing unusual occurrences?

We moved into the home at Daisy Hill, Queensland in September 2007.  At first the house was just perfect for our needs.  It was affordable for our small income, the school was close, shops even closer and not far from where I was working at the time. It was an older style 4 bedroom house with polished wooden floors.  It’s what we would call a renovated “Commission” house, which basically means it was once owned by the government and then sold to a private owner.
The first night, as any first night in a new home, was a little uneasy…we were all just getting our bearings on our new surroundings I suppose.
A couple of days after our first night, we would hear scratching in the walls.  I thought we may have been lucky enough to have acquired rats.  A week later, whilst in bed at night, I would hear what sounded like faint footsteps running up and down the hallway. Because it was so faint, I thought it may have been sounds coming from the neighbour’s house.
Did you suspect straight away that the unusual activity was paranormal? Have you always believed in the paranormal?
I think with anything like that, you just automatically and logically attribute your natural surroundings to anything that is questionable. I didn’t admit to myself that is was something else until I saw evidential proof that it was ‘something else’.  Everything else, although it left you with an uneasy feeling, was so surreal, it left you questioning yourself.

Have I always believed in the Paranormal? Yes and No. Being raised a Christian; I was always taught about Demons, Angels, Good and Evil…but paranormal.  No.  There was no such thing as Ghosts and such.  To me, it was either made up or in the mind of the person telling the tale.  Should I have seen photos of such…it was a Demon.

Can you describe for us what sort of things occurred?

Where do I begin?  There was just so much that went on.  I mentioned the scratching in the walls.  One day, I thought I’d scare the ‘rat’ away and bang on the wall to make it stop.  I banged 3 times – it banged back 3 times.  That was scary.

We would hear clear shuffling – like the sound of bare feet walking on the wooden floors at night, whilst everyone was in bed.

We would hear the sounds of nails scratching and dragging down the hallway, on the walls, in the roof and also under the floors. Dragging; shuffling and banging in the roof.
Tapping on doors and the windows at the back of the house – which was impossible because there were no trees nearby, and no one could have climbed up the back as it was two stories high.
Lights would turn on and off without any reason whilst we would talk about God.  The power would shut off numerous times in succession, and then just be fine.  We’d hear loud bangs on the front door at night, answer it and have no one there. I’d be in the shower and sense someone there.  Feeling like a physical presence in the same room, open the shower curtain to find no one else there.

You said in an online article that you began to see physical manifestations in the home. What was it you actually saw? Can you describe it?
For a while there was just a lot of speculation as to the what and why’s of the noises we were hearing.  It wasn’t until we were pregnant with our Fourth child that things started to get a little worse at night. Being pregnant, getting up a lot during the night is a given and I would sometimes get that creepy feeling that something was behind me and then hear a horrible hissing like breathing from behind me.  It was all just so scary – but at the same time…questionable.  So my mind would tend to just brush it off and put it down to an overactive imagination, tricks of the mind or my natural surroundings.

Then, I started to wake with the feeling of being watched.  I would see either a red, yellow-orange or grey cloud hovering over my head.  Other times I would wake suddenly to see these ‘things’ like weird shapes that looked like faces, but were faceless floating past, big black spiders or insects crawling over the mirror and then disappear and sometimes the shape of a blurry person standing at my bedside watching me.  It was always so scary.

One night, I woke to the feeling of being watched and was facing the mirror at the time.  As I opened my eyes, in the reflection of the mirror stood a silhouette of a person that looked terribly charred.  I screamed and it disappeared.

One night, I woke to the feeling of being watched and was facing the mirror at the time.  As I opened my eyes, in the reflection of the mirror stood a silhouette of a person that looked terribly charred.  I screamed and it disappeared.

How did family and friends react to your fears and experiences when you shared them?


At times I would see something floating in front of me and point it out to my Husband – and he wouldn’t see a thing.  These things made me feel like I was going crazy.
I remember being up late one night to make our baby a bottle and saw a bright light shoot past me.  I remember thinking “what’s the use in saying anything – no one would believe me”.  It was horrible and very, very lonely.
As far as the loud banging, scraping, shuffling on the floor and such…they were things that everyone in the family experienced, but as to the things that I saw…I was completely alone in that. I don’t know why it was easier to explain away things like ‘bumps in the night’ than unexplainable things that are seen, but I suppose they all thought it a bit too far fetched.
My marriage was starting to experience a lot of strain, as I was waking my Husband 6 – 8 times in a week, sometimes 2 or 3 times in a night screaming in fear of these ‘things’ I was seeing.  My Husband had real concerns for my mental health and my Doctor prescribed anti-depression medication. This did nothing at all to dissolve the waking horrors…but it did help me cope with the emotional stress of it all.
You say that you actually saw a dark, shadowy figure in your home. Can you describe this for us, what actually happened, and if you believe it to be a ghost or a shadow man?

I was pregnant with Hannah at the time and it was raining that night.  I remember waking to the sound of our little Maltese dog whining outside.  I rolled out of bed and made my way to the family room at the back of the house.  I opened the back door and leaned down to dry her off with a towel.

The house was still dark except for the light coming from the spare bedroom which was just off the main lounge and I heard footsteps shuffling up the hallway and thought it was John coming to check on me. As I stood up, expecting to see him, I saw, instead, a tall man shaped figure that was about 7 foot tall, as solid pitch black as the darkest shadow and was completely devoid of light.

I stood there glued to the floor in absolute disbelief at what I was seeing, and in complete fear that should I move or make a sound, it may turn its head and see me.
I just stood there and watched it walk into the bedroom and then just disappear.  Once I saw it gone, I screamed at the top of my lungs for John.  He came bolting out of bed and saw me standing there shaking.  I asked him to wait a moment while I checked the room and to my horror saw nothining there.
Do I know what this Shadow thing was…No. I have been tempted to ask a Psychic or Medium for answers, but then I’m not sure I really do want to know.
You eventually moved home. Did you move because of the haunting?
Mainly yes. We had lived there for 4 ½ years and the feeling in the house became so oppressed not one of my family members were happy.  Everyone hated living there and my Husband was sure I had lost my mind.
I don’t think John really believed what was happening, until it started to happen to him.
We were in bed one night, when I was awoken by 2 hard taps on my head.  I woke and annoyed – asked my Husband why he hit me.  He replied that he didn’t hit me and that I was the one who hit him…once and hard on the head.  Yeah, that was weird.

Then only 2 nights later, he woke me asking if I had heard ‘that’

Asking what ‘that’ was – he told me that he had woken to the sound of a high pitched cackle, right near his ear and he said it had sounded so evil and that he felt from this laughter that it ‘somehow’ knew us and was mocking us.  He couldn’t explain that away and was clearly shaken by it. Then our 2 year old toddler would wake up screaming and come running into our room.  She knew the word scary and that’s all she said.

John could see that she was genuinely scared of something and drew the line.  It wasn’t long after that, that we made arrangements to move. We had decided that we would start packing now, then when we found a place to go to, moving wouldn’t take as long.
One night, John and I were moving our mattress from our room to the Family room and we were followed by the sound of scraping along the walls (as one would drag fingernails along a wall).  By now, I think we just told ourselves it was rats to give ourselves some kind of comfort.

But it followed us all the way from our bedroom to the Family room at the other end of the house and that was followed by the sound of a dragging-slide…thud.  Dragging-slide…thud.  Dragging-slide…thud.

We stood in the family room and looked at each other.  Making our way back to the bedroom, the sounds followed. So we went back to the family room to see what would happen and it followed us again.  As we looked at each other John asked “What’s that?”  And I’m like – I so don’t want to know. Then we heard the most awful, screeching sound.  There was scuffling, banging and then that sound again…it was the creepiest sound I had ever heard.  It didn’t sound anything like an animal or person or anything I had heard before.
The screeching made us extremely fearful as it made us feel very threatened and it felt like it intended malice towards us.  My Husband and I bolted back to the bedroom.
We stayed in the bedroom for a moment when we heard the scraping and shuffling again.  In a burst of courage I lunged out of the bedroom, into the hallway, planted my feet and screamed at the top of my lungs “In the name of Jesus Christ, get out! Get out of my house now!”
It didn’t like that and we heard banging and crashing against the walls as it sounded as though it was running towards us.  We heard a crash in the ceiling, a loud thud onto the roof of our shed outside and then scurrying into the bushes outside.
We just stood there looking at each other in disbelief.  There was no explanation for what had happened and John was convinced something was going on.
Has anything unusual happened since you moved out of that property?
Not to me, no.  I’m glad to say that I’ve never had anything wake me up, nor have I heard or seen anything that makes me feel uncomfortable in my own home. Our daughter, who is now 3 still, wakes up at night saying that she’s afraid of the ‘scary spider who is a man’. It does concern me, but don’t really know what to do about it.  We normally have her in our bed and try to dissuade her fears as best we can.

What would you say to those who don’t believe or feel they need proof to believe your story?

I used to believe a whole lot of stuff that seemed to be quite cemented and black and white. And I used to think I had all the answers to a whole range of topics.  But I have now come to appreciate that only God really knows the answers to things still left “unknown” and that maybe I’m not meant to have all the answers.
Some things just are!

I’ve been humbled by my experience and have been taught that things aren’t always as we think, perceive or make them out to be. People are welcome to think whatever they want.  I’m not out to persuade anyone to believe anything.  Just telling my story of what happened in the house we lived in.

Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your story!


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