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Annaliese – The New Chucky?

Annabelle movie poster Annabelle Trailer & Poster: Before The Conjuring Began

So, I went to the cinema this weekend and I watched new horror release, Annabelle, which is the prequel to The Conjuring.

Being a fan of all things horror, I was excited about this release. I’d really enjoyed The Conjuring and so I had high hopes for this movie.

I wasn’t disappointed. I think it delivered.

Annabelle is the first of three spin-offs about the Warrens’ cases that are being made in addition to the upcoming sequel, The Conjuring 2.

Set around the story of a collectable doll being given as a gift to an expectant mother, Annabelle certainly is creepy to look at. Giving Chucky a run for his money, I’d say that Annabelle does her job well at unnerving the viewer. The doll does not speak, is not animated, but the creaky movements produced just out of view of the camera, the odd places the doll randomly turns up, and the disconcerting way that odd things keep happening around the doll, really sets the viewer on edge.

I liked the way in which the story sets about explaining how this inanimate object has become seemingly possessed by evil, and the background to the story is just as unnerving as the possessed doll itself.

I liked it just as much as The Conjuring, although perhaps it is not even fair to compare it – they are two separate stories, with two separate casts. The only factor in common is that the stories come from the work of well-known demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren.

So, I do recommend viewing this. If you enjoy supernatural horror, I think you will like it. I’m now looking forward to The Conjuring 2!

Annabelle RATING: 5/5


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