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Paranormal Investigation – Ghostly Goings on with Most Haunted!

A Review of a London Ghost Hunt


On Friday 7th November, I attended an organised paranormal event, planned and led by company ‘Ghostly Goings On,’ and with two special acclaimed ghost hunters – Most Haunted’s Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie.

The place we were to investigate? London’s Ragged School Museum. Opened in 1877 to serve the local children of Mile End with an education – albeit a basic one – Ragged closed in 1908 when the London School Boards took over.

Schooling in the Victorian era was highly different from the educational establishments of today. Abuse, malnourishment and under-fed children were the norm amongst the populations of students. This rich, dark and tragic history made the venue not only ideal to be investigated, but also quite a sad one, the truth of its unsettling history enough to move anyone who learned of it.


The evening was wonderful. The team leaders of ‘Ghostly Goings On’ gave us a guided talk, demonstrated various ghost hunting equipment, and introduced Karl and Yvette to the group.  I was honoured to meet them both; I’ve been a huge fan and supporter of Most Haunted since its beginning, and as a paranormal enthusiast, I’ve always looked up to them both, and the work they do. Before many of the other popular ghost hunting shows came along, Most Haunted was already underway and setting the tone of popularity, study and research into spirits and hauntings. It was lovely to meet them.

The night time investigation itself was professional, and it was a blessing that everyone in attendance had a chance to investigate each main area of the building, using the help of the team leaders and provided equipment. I personally experienced a few odd moments during the night. Unusual noises and loud footsteps coming from an empty room; prickly cold spots whilst sitting in a warm room – in conjunction with EMF spikes, and a very nervous and tense session in the basement, where I admit to feeling anxious and out of breath when the group were engaging with a negative entity. I don’t think the venue that night was extremely active, but there were enough “odd” and creepy moments to keep the groups engaged and intrigued.

I think the Ghostly Goings On team – plus Karl and Yvette – made the night extremely fun, but also proved to those taking part how sincere they are in their investigations and in their pursuit of evidence. I came away feeling inspired to not only learn more about serious investigative methods, but also to attend more events. It’s quite an addictive experience!


I highly recommend anyone interested in starting investigations of haunted locations themselves, to attend public events like this. It’s a real learning curve, and such a good atmosphere.

Karl and Yvette were both lovely. I felt privileged to “ghost hunt” with them and to find that they are as warm, friendly and funny in real life as they are on the show. Their passion for the work they do appears unwavering.


Thank you to Ghostly Goings On, and to Karl and Yvette, for making the night as enjoyable as it was. I hope to attend more in the future!

Written by Fiona Dodwell.


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