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Interview with Author and Paranormal Expert, Brad Steiger

Anyone who enjoys reading about the paranormal will likely have heard of US author, Brad Steiger. He is the author of an impressive array of books on UFO’s, hauntings, demons and spirituality. I first came to know his work through his “Shadow World” series of books, and have enjoyed his work ever since. Brad is the author of over 170 books, and has sold over 17 million copes worldwide, since his first release in the 60’s.

Brad had an unusual near death experience as a child, which appears to have opened up his interest to the paranormal world as he grew. It is here that I began our interview.


At the age of 11, it was reported that you underwent a near death experience. Can you describe what happened and how this changed your perception of life after death?

I have a blurred memory of losing my balance, falling off
the farm tractor that I had been driving, and landing in
the path of the implement with whirling blades.

I remember the pain as the machine’s left tire mashed my
upper body and broke my collarbone. And then I no longer
felt any pain as the blades clutched at my head and ripped
at my scalp and skull. I left the body, and I was now
floating many feet above the grisly scene in the field

I recall a fleeting moment of feeling relief when I
perceived that my seven-year-old sister June, who had been
riding with me on the tractor, managed to bring the
machine under control without endangering herself, but I
was becoming more detached about such earthly matters by
the moment.

I had some sense of identification with the mangled Iowa
farm boy that I saw lying bleeding beneath me on the hay
stubble below, but I was growing increasingly aware that
that unfortunate lad was not who I really was. The real me
now seemed to be an orange colored ball that appeared
intent only on moving steadily toward a brilliant light.
At first, because of my religious orientation as an
Evangelical Lutheran, I believed the illumination to be
Jesus or an angel coming to comfort me, but I could
distinguish no distinct forms or shapes within the bright
emanation of light. All I seemed to feel was an urgency to
become one with that magnificent light.

Strangely, though, from time to time my attention seemed
to be divided between moving toward the wondrous light and
descending back toward the hay field.

I opened my eyes, blinked back the blood, and became aware
of my father, shocked, tears streaming down his face,
carrying my body from the field.

And then I discovered a most remarkable thing: I could be
in two places at once. I could exist physically in my
father’s arms as he carried my terribly injured body from
the field; and at the same time, I could be above us,
watching the whole scene as a detached observer.

When I became concerned about my mother’s reaction to the
dreadful accident, I made an even more incredible
discovery: The Real Brad could be anywhere that I wished
to be. My spirit, my soul, was free of the physical
limitations of the human definitions of Time and Space. I
had but to think of my mother, and there I was beside her
as she labored in the kitchen, as yet unaware of my

It was August 23, 1947, my parents’ anniversary. The
family had been trying to finish work early so that we
could eat at a local restaurant before the double-feature
began at the movie theater. I had certainly given Mom and
Dad a wonderful anniversary present.

And my sister! A seven-year-old girl having to watch her
brother being run over and killed.

Killed. That was when it occurred to me that I was dying.
I had an awful moment of panic. I did not want to die.
I did not want to leave my mother, father, and sister.


And then the beautiful light was very near to me, and I
perceived a being composed of pure light who projected a
three-dimensional geometric design that somehow instantly
permeated my very essence with the knowledge that
everything would be all right.

The very sight of that geometric design somehow
transmitted to me that there was a pattern to the universe
and a meaning, a Divine Plan, to life.

My panic and my fear left me, and I experienced a blissful
euphoria, an incredible sense of Oneness with All That Is.
I was ready to die and to become one with the light.

But even though I was at peace with what appeared to be
the fast-approaching reality of death, I had
misinterpreted the reason why the intelligence within the
light had shown me the geometric representation of the
Divine Plan. It seems that an integral part of my mission
on Earth was to testify to others about what I had been

In the August 12, 1973 issue of the National Enquirer, our
family’s former physician, Dr. Cloyce A. Newman, was
interviewed about my near-death experience that had
occurred twenty¬-six years before. Dr. Newman, who was at
that time living in retirement in Homestead, Florida, told
of his shock when my father carried me into his office and
how he had rushed us by car to St. Mary’s Hospital in Des
Moines, about 140 miles away: “He was very seriously
injured and on the verge of death. We managed to get him
to a specialist and it saved his life.”

I was in and out of the body during those 140 miles, and I
did not come back with any serious intention of staying in
that domicile of flesh until the surgery was about to
begin. At that point, it seemed as though some energy was
insisting that I return to participate in the medical

Just as the procedure was about to begin, I came back with
such force that I sat up, shouted, and knocked an intern
off-balance. I continued to struggle until the soft voice
of a Roman Catholic sister pacified me long enough for the
anesthesia to take effect.

Although my life force remained in the eleven-year-old
body to cooperate with the surgery, my Real Self left to
spend the next twelve hours in a delightful park in
another dimension, complete with bandstand, ice cream
vendors, and smiling, pleasant people.

About 1982, I was attempting to describe the series of
geometric designs to a number of other men and women who
had undergone near-death experiences. When I found myself
unable to provide a meaningful description of the pattern,
I stated that the designs–so clearly envisioned by me to
this day–appeared to be ineffable, beyond human
description. Two or three of the group stated that they
understood what I was attempting to explain, for they,
too, had been shown some kind of tranquilizing, yet
revelatory, geometric object–and they also found it
impossible to describe it in mere words.

It was not until 1987 when Sherry began to conduct
seminars utilizing in part computer-derived images of
fractal geometry that I saw designs that very closely
approximated what I had been shown during my near-death
experience. Sherry, it seems, had seen such geometric
designs in visionary experiences since she was a child.
The central purpose of her seminar was to demonstrate the
sacredness and the multidimensional oneness of all

From the perspective of my now 78 years, I can see that
my near-death experience at the age of eleven was a most
fortunate one. Certainly one of the questions that every
thinking man and woman eventually asks is, “Is there life
after physical death?” I was blessed to have that eternal
puzzler answered for me in the affirmative before I
entered my teens.

I was shown through my powerful near-death experience that
there is an essential part of us, perhaps most commonly
referred to as the soul, that does survive physical death.
This knowledge has greatly influenced my attitude toward
life, as well as toward death.
And I am far from alone in having been granted this
emancipating awareness, this life-altering assurance.
How did family and friends react when you told them about your near death experience? Were they sceptical? 

My “ministry,” if we may use that word, began in St.
Mary’s Hospital when I was recovering from my accident. I
had already confided to one of the nuns that I had “gone
to Heaven” when I was out of my body. A few nights later,
the nun summoned me to console the parents of a dying baby
girl and share my experience that there was a “heaven,” a
lovely place where there were other children and their
daughter would be waiting for them.

By the time I was eleven, it was pretty well decided by
the elders in my home town that I would be a Lutheran
pastor, so people of all ages took my account seriously.

It was a great disappointment to me that when I began to
write about the paranormal (or “the supernatural” as the
subject was commonly designated in those days) so many of
the men and women who would have likely been my potential
congregants were distressed and disturbed by my departure
from orthodox dogma. It was upsetting to a surprising
number of people that my vision of the after-life is
nondenominational and is open to individuals of all
creeds, colors, and life-paths.

Although I did not enter the seminary, Sherry was at one
time on the staff of the Lutheran School of Theology in
Chicago. After a few years performing traditional
ministerial duties, she left the orthodox pulpit to found
the Butterfly Center for Transformation in Virginia Beach.
The Center hosted leaders from all spiritual/religious
You have written and co-authored a large number of titles on the subject of spirits/demons/hauntings. Can you tell me have your own beliefs changed throughout time, based on your research and writing?

It is interesting that you ask about the Creatures of
Darkness. At the present time, requests for assistance in
riding oneself or one’s family of demons and evil spirits
constitute our Number One email.

As one who grew up in a house upon which stood the old
stagecoach stop, we were regularly treated to thumps,
bumps, apparitions, and the sound of invisible horse-drawn
vehicles. My sister and I suggest that our insomnia today
is due to the sight of men and women in period costume
walking through our bedroom. Apparently, they were the
spirit essences of men and women waiting for the next
Yes, the manifestations that I beheld as a child were
sometimes spooky, sometimes annoying, and sometimes
disturbing, but never did I feel that any of these ghosts
would harm any of us.

I came to believe that these images were somehow
impressed in the atmosphere, the environment of a
dwelling, in a manner not yet understood. I theorized
that ghosts, by and large, were psychic residue that could
be activated by humans who possessed a psychic affinity
with the energy in a home, a hotel, a school, a
battlefield. One could not interact with a ghost any more
than one could interact with the actors on a motion
picture or television screen. And ghosts surely could not
harm anyone.

This was my philosophy during my first several years of
ghost hunting.
And then I began to encounter entities that certainly
were more than gobs of psychic residue. These
disagreeable beings could push, shove, strike—and in one
instance shatter a door that I had ordered locked. Some
of these entities really didn’t like me or my team, so we
readily agreed with the afflicted inhabitants of these
cursed homes that nasty, nay, evil spirits dwelt unbidden
and unwelcome. In many homes, we conducted exorcisms and
cleansings to bring the inhabitants peace and deliverance.
Over the years, Sherry and I have developed a set of
techniques and exercises that have worked extraordinarily
well in freeing oneself or one’s home from these
exceedingly bothersome creatures of negative energy. We
are pleased to send these instructions to anyone who
requests assistance in driving these cruel beings back to
the darkness from whence they came.

Can you tell us about your studies and beliefs regarding UFOs?

I have authored/co-authored over 20 books on UFOs—from
Strangers from the Skies (1966) to Real Aliens, Space
Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds (2011), so I guess
that counts as a “deep interest.”
Sherry and I consider UFO research to be among the most
important work being conducted today, for as we perceive
the mystery, it touches all aspects of human endeavor on
the planet. And because the global phenomenon that we
label the UFO is so multilayered, so all-encompassing, and
so complex, it is also quite likely the most confusing
research being conducted today.

Have you seen or experienced anything of a paranormal nature yourself, outside of your NDE?

When I was a child, I saw what is commonly referred to
as an elf–or in the Scandinavian traditions of my family,
a nisse– looking in the kitchen window of our Iowa farm
home. I believe that I must have surprised him as much
as he did me, but he quickly regained his composure and
gave a rather a conspiratorial smile, as if we were
sharing a secret that was profound in its simplicity. Then
he vanished.
I have never forgotten that smile or the nisse’s
compelling eyes. I have walked many a strange path and
turned many a bizarre corner in the hope that I might once
again meet my multidimensional friend. On several
occasions, when I somehow sensed his presence, I quickly
glanced over my shoulder, hoping to catch a glimpse of
him. Although I have not yet seen him again, I know that
he occasionally makes his presence known by acts of elfish

In the seventy-five years since my encounter with the
mysterious entity, both Sherry and I have met and
corresponded with hundreds of men and women who have
experienced an interaction with beings that appeared to
them as spirits, elves, ghosts, holy figures, or
extra-terrestrial visitors. These people are sincere in
their recounting of their experiences and are unshaken by
the disbelief or doubts of others.
While in many instances there is little or no physical
evidence to demonstrate any kind of proof of the encounter
to skeptical materialists, the individuals who received
such unexpected visitations from non-material beings are
left with an unyielding conviction that their lives have
been forever changed. For some reason which they may never
fully understand, they underwent an individual mystical
experience with some facet of the supernatural. They were
somehow invited to participate in a very personal, very
subjective, extremely illuminating experience that is as
intimate, as life-altering, as revelatory, as unifying as
the human psyche can perceive.

Do you believe that in-depth study of the paranormal can attract entities or energies, like a magnet?

I don’t think there is any question about this, at least
in my case and in Sherry’s, as well.

Is it ever frightening? In some cases perhaps temporarily
unnerving or startling, but after a lifetime of
interaction with the paranormal, there are few
interactions that cause fear. However, it does get a bit
tiresome coming down to breakfast in homes where we have
accepted what we believed to be a social invitation to
find everyone staring at us in anticipation to see if we
witnessed the ghost or ghosts that have been reported in
our guest room. Some of these unexpected nights of
unanticipated ghostly interaction have been quite

May I ask your opinion of modern day TV ghost hunting shows?

Some of the documentaries are really quite good, and we,
over the years, have appeared in a number that were
directed by individuals with whom we had previously worked
in various television projects.

The ghost hunter variety programs constitute a two-edged
sword. They acquainted a wide public about the reality of
haunting phenomena, but they are sometimes rather careless
in announcing their solutions of the alleged ethereal
activity. It seems now in the States that every city or
town with a population of 500 has at least one paranormal
research group, one team of “ghost busters.”
All of this varied programming is light-years away from my
first days appearing in television or on radio talk shows
in 1963. In those days, with few exceptions, the
paranormal guest’s reception was a hostile one.

Can you share with readers what you are up to at the moment?

We are currently working diligently and very
enthusiastically on a book presently titled, Real
Visitors, Parallel Dimensions, and Secret Beginnings.
I just want to offer a huge thank you to Brad, for taking the time out to answer my questions.


Visit Brad’s website: http://www.bradandsherry.com/


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