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Book Review: No One Gets Out Alive


If you’ve never read a novel by Adam Nevill before, I want to start this review by telling you two things: 1) You’re missing out, and 2) Start with this latest offering – No One Gets Out Alive.

I have read all of Nevill’s horror novels, and I have been impressed with each. Compared often to other legendary horror masters, Adam has even been labelled as Britain’s answer to Stephen King. When I picked up my copy of No One Gets Out Alive, I was surprised by the size of the book. This story spans itself over 600 pages, and I hoped the story would grip me like his earlier work had, to ensure I’d stay for the entire journey. I needn’t have worried: Nevill delivered.

No One Gets Out Alive is scary. It’s not often I can say that about a book, because I’ve been reading horror novels since I was a child, and it really does take a lot to lift me from my comfort zone and unnerve me. It takes a lot to scare me, yet this is exactly what Nevill achieved in this gritty, dark, and foreboding tale. I am not lying or exaggerating when I say that I had several nightmares whilst reading this horrific treasure.

Adam Nevill

The author seems to have the ability to take gritty reality and shape it into something sinister and otherworldly. The story follows Stephanie, who, in desperation, hires a room in a less than desirable location. The landlord appears crazy, the property seems inhabited by something inhuman, and disembodied voices haunt the neglected hallways at night. All of this alone creates the ingredients for a scary story, but Nevill takes it further, exploring the psychological and emotional darkness that haunts our central character as she tries to survive the reality in which she finds herself.

The book was brilliantly written. If any author is on his way to becoming a master of dark fiction, Adam Nevill is the one. He has a way of lifting his readers from the safety of their living room sofa into hell itself.

I highly recommend this creepy and unsettling new release from Adam Nevill.



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