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Interview with Psychic Medium Barrie John

You may be familiar with the name Barrie John. To those interested in the paranormal world, his name is highly respected. As one of Most Haunted’s lead mediums on the popular TV show, and a regular contributor to the magazine Fate & Fortune, Barrie has quite a large following. I wanted to learn more about the man and his work, and he kindly agreed to be interviewed.
How and when did you discover you had the gift of mediumship and psychic abilities?

I have always known since being a child. I seemed to sense and know things from an early age, I used to be fascinated by stories of the afterlife, and I would watch programmes and get that feeling of ‘De Ja Vu’ etc.

 Based on your own experiences as a psychic medium, what is your opinion on hauntings and the after-life? Do you believe in the typical ideas of heaven and hell, or are these misconceptions of the after-life?
I have strong views here, I believe that we ALL go to an afterlife place, a place of rest, beauty and also our of pain. However, I do believe that your ‘spirit’ will remain the same, if you were happy here you would be a happy spirit and vice versa. I don’t believe in evil, I believe that this is a manmade creation or imagination which forces people to follow others in terms of religions etc. 

Near-death experiences have been hypothesized in various medical journals in the past, as having the characteristics of hallucinations, but Dr Ackermann and his team, on the contrary, consider them as evidence for the existence of the afterlife and of a form of dualism between mind and body.

You worked on the Most Haunted TV show. Can you tell fans what your experience of working with the MH crew was like? Did you enjoy your time in the show?

The team are and were amazing, I still hear from them now. As much as my parts were serious, we also had some laughs behind the scenes!. I would also say that we had some ‘scary’ happenings off screen too, which spooked the pants off me! You have to remember that these shows are filmed over long periods, and to only show 45-60mins doesn’t really show the locations at there full credit.
 What is your opinion of those who seek to discredit psychics and mediums? Do you feel frustrated by those who are closed minded, or does this inspire you to keep striving to prove there is an after life?

I have no issues with anyone trying to discredit mediums etc, I just know that I have feelings and I know things that dont make sense to me however they do make sense to others. It really does make me want to carry on, and to prove ‘more’ to people. People try to confuse mediumship with science, this just makes it hard to understand at times. I go with an open heart, and I know that spirit are always close to us all.

Do you think everybody has a certain ability to sense spirits, or is this something only a select few are born with?

I believe that everyone has a psychic ability, they can sense and detect things happening around them, but I don’t believe that everyone can be a medium.  I believe that you develop your mediumistic qualities from ‘pains’ that you experience in this life, this teaches you about dealing with emotions and also life’e experiences which are thrown at you. Remember ALL of life’s lessons are there to teach you something, learn from them and don’t repeat the same mistakes twice.

During your paranormal events and investigations, have you ever felt afraid or unnerved by any entity you have come across?

Gosh, yes too right I have!. Spirit will often surprise me or call out my name to get my attention. I would never do a lone vigil, sorry…. it would freak me out too much cos I know what spirit are capable of doing.

Out of all the places you have attended, which has been the most haunted or active?

This is always a tough one for me to answer, I have done around 3000 (Approx) events now, and I have some great stories and also experiences of certain locations, such are Margam Castle – Wales, Galleries of Justice – Nottingham, Oxford Castle – Oxford (my first Most Haunted location), Skirrid Inn – Wales, the list is endless. However, one recent location really does stand out for me lately and that would be Newsham Park Hospital – Liverpool.

For the horror fans on my page, can you tell us what your favourite scary film is? 

I love a good movie, but I don’t sleep well after them. I love Stephen King, and I would have to say that Pet Semetary is one of my favourite films!
To learn more about Barrie John, please visit his website:
Thanks to Barrie for his time.

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