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Book Review: Joe Hill’s NOS4R2

I didn’t get round to reading this book until quite some time after its initial release. I knew I was going to read it at some point; I’d read Joe Hill’s previous novels and was impressed with each of them – Heart Shaped Box in particular.

I read it last week, and despite its chunky size (this story comes in at over 700 pages in length), it didn’t take me long to work my way through the novel. In fact, its novelty chapter style, coupled with the shifting narratives, kept me hooked, and I found myself moving rapidly through the adventure.

Is it a horror? Yes. When I first read the synopsis, I wondered what type of story it would be. Christmasland? Children enjoying the festive season? Bicycles that can magically transport you to other towns? It all sounded strange, and not typical horror material. I was wrong. NOS4R2 is scary. I had several eerie and uneasy dreams during the period I was reading the book. NOS4R2 takes Christmas, family, childhood, and rips the magic away until you’re left with death, destruction and a broken heart. So, if you like your scary novels to be creepy and unsettling, this is for you.

I won’t add spoilers here, I don’t believe in giving anything away in a review. I simply want to express my love of this monster of a book. Joe Hill has certainly earned his right to be classed as a brilliant and unique voice in literature. The book takes the reader from the comfort of home – right into the horror of the story. Hill has a way of making the story feel all too real – which isn’t a good thing when you’re reading alone at night.

So, do I recommend this latest release from Hill? Absolutely. I was disappointed to finish, I had become so fully engrossed in the world he had created. The story is perfectly executed, extremely scary – and beautifully written.

This one definitely gets a high rating. 5/5.


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