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Film Review: The Possession of Michael King


It is fair to say that the horror genre, as a whole, is somewhat of a niche market. It is – simply put – not to everybody’s taste. For those amongst us who do enjoy horror in the world of film, it is widely accepted that it is very hard to come across a film that offers original scares, something different, off the beaten path.

When I watched The Possession of Michael King, I didn’t know what to expect. Yet I certainly didn’t expect such an original spin on the demonic possession theme, that has already been so widely explored – and exploited – in the book and film markets across the world. Most people – whether horror fan or not – have heard of The Exorcist, The Rite, Emily Rose and many of the other countless tales of possession. Some are good, some not so much. With The Possession of Michael King, fans of the dark genre can finally get their eyes and minds around something a little different.


This film centres around Michael, (played wonderfully by Shane Johnson)  a young married man with a child. He loses his wife in a tragic accident, and becomes obsessed with the idea that if he tries every type of occult and spiritual activity, he can once again connect with her, and thus prove that she still lives on. He films himself taking part in many rituals and activities – some deeply disturbing – and, somewhat predictably, Michael finds himself under the genuine influence of something evil and intelligent.

Whilst the general theme of this story has been done before, many times, what stands out to me in this film is the manner of the central character’s decline. The viewer is left feeling uncomfortable at the desperate attempts to find proof of the existence of the “other side”- so much so, that he puts his life, mental well being and relationship with his daughter in jeapordy. More than anything, this film is a document of obsession, and how our dark desires can ruin the good that we already have in life.

If you like the horror genre, or indeed, if you just want to watch a good film, then I highly recommend this release from  David Jung. It is an age-old tale, given new life from a promising director.


I rate The Possession of Michael King 4/5*


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  1. Will see how it it. Thanks for the tip


    July 17, 2015 at 12:57 pm

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