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Robert – A Horror Film Review



MOST FANS OF THE HORROR GENRE will know who you are talking about when you say the names Chucky and Annabelle. These infamous characters that have so quickly become favourites amongst the fans are well known and loved, and are very much part of horror culture.

When I heard that director Andrew Jones was releasing a horror film and that the central character was an evil doll, my curiosity was piqued. I wondered how a writer and director would create a film like this in a way that sets it apart from the aforementioned titles. When I watched Robert, I was impressed – and here is why.


Above, director Andrew Jones

Robert is different. Whereas the villain (an immensely creepy doll) of the movie is obviously very central to the film, what strikes me about Robert is how the cast carry the story: It is the pressure, stress and fear that the family experience that actually drags you in and keeps you captivated. Their authentic response to the terror in which they find themselves is the most impressive part of the movie. This film is, essentially, the disintegration of a family when they find themselves victim to an outside force. This is where the true horror lies.

Essentially, it is Robert the doll that unleashes his horror upon a family who are at the receiving end of his torments, but the strength of this film lies not just in the creepiness of the haunted doll itself, but in the way in which the disintegrating family cope with such a horrific presence in their life.

Robert is not a film laden with special effects, gory make-up and dramatic music, instead it is a story that succeeds because of its quiet, subtle nature. So little is seen of the doll in action in the films 90 minutes, yet his presence is felt in every scene because of the sheer atmosphere and impressive acting of the cast.

If you are a horror fan that will only be pleased with special effects and fast paced action, then perhaps Robert is not for you. In this film, the drama, psychology and experiences of a modern family are just as relevant as the doll itself. If quiet, insidious and subtle creepiness is more your thing, then I recommend this film highly.

I rate Robert 4/5.

To buy or rent Robert, click HERE.




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