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A Nightmare in Devon – Haunted Wardrobe Sends Customers Away



FROM THE OUTSIDE, the Olden Ewe antique and collectors store in Paignton, Devon, looks unassuming and inviting. However, the owners – Linda Bell and husband Steve – have been experiencing creepy events since the day they purchased an old wardrobe. Since that day, the owners insist, unusual and creepy things have been happening, witnessed not only by themselves, but by surprised customers as well.

The wardrobe, which has an intricate carving on the front of a horned and devilish character, is said to have originated from the early 20th century. Since the arrival of the large piece of furniture, both the shop owners and customers have experienced odd events. Steve Bell, who runs the shop with his wife, said, “Sometimes, when I come in in the morning, the door of the wardrobe has opened by itself, or it has locked or unlocked itself.”


Customers have complained of cold spots in the store, unexplained noises, lights going on and off – and to top it off, the store next door, Yesteryears, have also complained that they been effected by the paranormal since the arrival of the wardrobe. Owners, Karen King and Cheryl Ramsdell, have heard unusual noises on the stairway in their shop, and have also witnessed a dark, shadowy figure.

With such unusual reports, and having an avid interest in the paranormal myself, I spent time in both stores with good friend Chris, from paranormal group Hidden Realms. I consider myself open-minded to the paranormal because of several inexplicable experiences of my own, and I have to admit, I’m convinced there is something to the stories emanating from the Olden Ewe store.

Upon entering, and walking through the main hallway, one of the cabinet doors flew open, and a brass plate fell to the floor. We all stopped and looked at each other – surprised at something happening so quickly.


                            Above, cabinet doors open and a brass plate lands at our feet.

Further on into the evening, we spent some time centred on the wardrobe itself. I want to note first and foremost, how beautiful this piece of furniture is. The large and intricate carving on the front is said to be demonic by some, although many have since suggested it could be a faun. Chris, of the paranormal group Hidden Realms, spent some time locked in the wardrobe (yes, you read that right!) and although she didn’t pick up on any negative energy from the piece, she did feel the icy touch of a hand in hers, lending to theory that a child spirit may be associated with the item.


Above, the light in the antique store constantly dimmed and brightened during our investigation. Something which apparently stopped once we left.

As the evening drew, we noticed the main light kept dimming, then brightening, then sometimes turning off completely. Of course, this could be a natural electrical disruption, however it is worth noting that the owner of the store admits he notices this occurs when people are talking about the paranormal events. He also told us later that the lights returned to normal after we left the store.

We spent time in both the antique stores, which are in close proximity to one another. In both it could be said that there is an energy of some description, and it is not hard to see why. Winner Street in Paignton is one of the oldest parts of town, and if you combine this with the antiques that are themselves old and full of history, it’s a perfect setting for paranormal energy.


                         Above, myself with the unusual wardrobe.

Could it be that the wardrobe bought with it some paranormal energy? The shop owners insist that nothing out of the ordinary happened before they purchased the item. Time will soon tell: the wardrobe has now been sold and will soon be shipped off to a museum that has now purchased it.

It was an interesting evening, and one that left me more than open minded to the possibility of their being something going on behind closed doors at Olden Ewe and Yesteryears.

Thank you very much to both store owners who kindly stayed behind late to let us look in the properties after closing time.

Have you ever owned a haunted item? Do you believe items can hold energy? I’d love to hear from you.




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