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Howell – A Deliciously Dark Short





LEON DAVID WILLIAMS is rapidly working towards making a name for himself in the film industry. Setting his sights on writing, producing and directing, he has ambitions to take dark drama and interweave it with moments of humour. A mix that isn’t always easy to get right, but a balance that Leon clearly appears to have mastered.

When I heard that he had produced a short film starring Lee Bane, I was intrigued. I have enjoyed many other projects Lee has been involved in, so I wanted to find out more about Howell. I was invited to watch this short film and was honoured to do so.


The synopsis of Howell is as follows:

Howell is attending a supporters group meeting, along with others that share his condition. He has many issues …. but he is trying his best to find himself.

Interest piqued, I watched Howell and I have to say, I was hooked – and impressed. It runs at just under five minutes long, and it swiftly managed to grab my attention, holding onto it firmly until the last scene. The story itself focuses on central character Howell (played by Lee Bane) as he attends a support group for his extremely unusual “predicament.”

What I particularly like about this feature is the fact that it manages to be dark and hard-hitting, whilst at the same time throwing in moments of sarcasm and humour. I can’t imagine it is easy to cross genres in such a way, yet Leon has managed this with apparent ease in Howell. His writing is sharp, quick witted and very engrossing.

Lee Bane fills his role exceptionally well, highlighting his character’s dark psychology whilst also revealing vulnerability, depravity – and fantastic humour. One minute you’ll be laughing out loud, the next, shielding your eyes. There really is so much variety to this role, and it is truly amazing how much of that depth is captured in such a short space of time.


Actor Lee Bane, above

I was pleased to hear that Howell has been accepted into 10 festivals so far, including the Horror Hound Film Festival where it will get its world premiere.

This short film deserves any success is can gather. Beautifully directed and cleverly written, Howell manages to really pack a punch.

I will personally be looking forward to future projects from Leon Williams.


A big thanks to Leon for allowing me to view the short film.


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