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Most Haunted – The Top 5?



MOST HAUNTED has been a popular series for many paranormal enthusiasts. Since its conception in 2002, the show (presented by Yvette Fielding and husband co-producer Karl Beattie) has been running since, filming paranormal investigations across not only the UK, but across the world. The show has reached 17 series, and, during that time, has shown itself to have fascinating insight into the art of paranormal investigation.

Of course, as with any show, certain episodes stand out against others. In order to celebrate the news that Most Haunted is returning for a brand new series this summer, I thought it would be fun to look back on my top 5 favourite episodes brought to us by the team. Of course, your favourites may be very different to mine, and if you have any special memories of certain episodes that you want to share, please feel free to leave your choices in the comments below.

So, here are my top five favourites from the Most Haunted show:



Few amongst the dedicated army of Most Haunted fans will ever forget the Edinburgh Vaults special, broadcast live from the eerie location. The Edinburgh Vaults, which were constructed in the late 1700s, has a rich and morbid history.Originally built to be used for storage space for local South Bridge businesses, the Vaults were eventually taken over by city slum dwellers and the poor, as well as prostitutes. The Vaults were small, dark, dirty and cramped. Many were ill and unhappy there. Most Haunted undertook a Live special from the Vaults in 2006, and the results were frightening and unnerving. During the Live, several members of the crew felt that they were under attack from a dark and negative entity. Stuart Torevell experienced a heightened attack, when, whilst standing in one of the Vaults, he was heavily scratched and marked by an unseen entity across his back. This terrifying encounter was documented fully on film. Due to the severity of Stuart’s experience (and further attacks on co-presenter and producer Karl Beattie),  Yvette Fielding became visibly distressed on location during filming. This Live remains to date, in my opinion, one of the strongest episodes to air.

Above, the stone circle where some have said to have been attacked  in the Vaults


Halloween of 2015 saw what was perhaps one of the most impressive and frightening Most Haunted investigations. 30 East Drive is a quiet and unassuming house in Pontefract, made famous by the Pritchard family after they experienced severe poltergeist activity. The haunting was depicted in horror film When the Lights Go Out. The Pritchard’s daughter was, at one point, petrified when she found herself being dragged up the stairs by unseen hands. Most Haunted bravely stayed at this location for a Halloween special, and the results were nothing short of amazing. Items moved, intelligent voices captured live on EVP, a knife locked in a box was later found in another location – and, most eerie of all, co-presenter Karl Beattie found himself dragged up the stairs. Later, red marks were found on his skin. To top it off, both Karl and Stuart Torevell experienced severe burn marks on their arms whilst at East Drive. This location has to be one of the most significant  investigated by the show.


Above, the team during filming at 30 East Drive


Perhaps one of Most Haunted’s forgotten gems, the episode filmed at Dartford Library for series nine of the show remains one of my all-time favourite episodes. Dartford Library, which was opened in 1916, was used by many soldiers of World War 1, as they rested and recovered in nearby military hospitals. Employees and visitors have witnessed paranormal activity, and because of this, Most Haunted filmed an episode there in 2007. This episode was full of impressive and inexplicable activity, including books being thrown from shelves after members of the team asked for certain titles to appear. The atmosphere was taut throughout the episode, and made a lasting impression on me.


Yvette Fielding in action, above


Michelham Priory was originally a church built on a medieval island. It was then converted into a family home in 1556, where many families and residents claim to have experienced deep tragedy and bad luck. The Most Haunted team first investigated the location in the early days of the show, however the crew returned in 2006 for what would turn out to be its 100th episode. This episode remains to be one of my favourites. Paranormal activity was high and impressive, and included the sound of a harpsichord playing by itself in an empty room, and a chair caught moving my itself on a lock-off camera. The crew seemed nervous at times, the energy seemed palpable. This location has a fascinating history, and it would be great to see another return to the property in the future.

Above, Michelham Priory


The Most Haunted team filmed a two-part special aboard The Queen Mary in 2005. The Queen Mary sailed the North Atlantic Ocean between the years of 1936-1967, and ran a weekly express service between Southampton and New York. Even though it is now a tourist attraction, the ship attracts paranormal enthusiasts, as many who have been aboard have made claims of witnessing ghostly activity. The Most Haunted team spent three weeks aboard the ship, filming an investigation that was eventually whittled down to a two-episode special. These episodes were remarkable – not only were haunting and clear voices captured during investigation (including a ghostly child calling out for his Mum), but watery footprints were also seen to appear out of nowhere, near the pool area. One of the team members were confident in their reports of seeing the spirit of a lady near the pool area too. The two episodes were unnerving and very atmospheric. I’d love to see the team return.

Above, hallway in the Queen Mary

So, there you have it. My top five of the Most Haunted series. Of course, it’s almost impossible to pick favourites. The entire series is highly enjoyable, and from the early days has continued to grow in strength and impressiveness of investigative technique.

I very much look forward to the new series this summer, as do the army of devoted fans that support the show. I’m sure there will be many future favourites amongst the new episodes.

Thanks for reading!


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