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The Hidden – Out Now


The Hidden – Short Story Release

MY SHORT story, The Hidden, is out now. It is an exclusive release on Amazon, for the bargain price of 0.99p.

The Hidden is a paranormal story based on a real Urban Legend of Japan. From the back cover:

Charlotte Howarth makes the 12 hour journey to Japan to meet her penpal for the first time. Friends since they were teenagers, Charlotte thinks the break away from home will do her good. However, after her arrival, things take a sinister turn. What are the unexplained noises, the nightly apparitions and the unusual behaviour from her friend caused by? Charlotte soon realises she must find out the truth, before it’s too late to save her friend, her sanity, and perhaps even her life…

The Hidden is a short story based on a traditional Japanese Urban Legend. This Kindle edition contains a bonus feature at the end of the story: a Q & A session with a professor and expert on Japanese myths, ghosts and urban legends.

This story is sure to delight fans of the traditional ghost story, as well as those interested in urban legends. Dare you take the trip with Charlotte?

The first advance review is in from Fans of Modern Horror, who had this to say:

“…Readers are left speechless! Dodwell will drag you in with her relatable, interesting characters and eerie atmospheres and she does not disappoint! This was an amazingly detailed and suspenseful for such a short!  I will definitely read this again, as I will read anything this awesome author lays upon us.  I most highly recommend to all fans of modern horror!”

The Hidden can be pre-ordered from Amazon now, and has bonus content – an interview with a Japanese professor who specialises in urban legends and mythology.

Link for Amazon HERE

Thanks for stopping by – if you fancy giving The Hidden a try, I hope you enjoy it. I’d love to know your thoughts!


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