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Diploma in Applied Paranormal Research – Let the Fun Commence!


I HAVE been interested in the paranormal since I was a child, although I cannot say specifically what sparked this interest within me. I simply remember from a young age that the subject drew me in; I recall reading books about ghosts at the library, and telling friends scary stories at sleep-over parties. This interest has stayed with me through it all. Here I am, all these years later – very much an adult enjoying studying the paranormal and even taking part in investigations.  So, when leading figure of the paranormal, Jayne Harris, invited me to undertake the Diploma in Applied Paranormal Research, a CPD accredited diploma that involves learning about metaphysics, parapsychology, forensic approaches to studies and several practical assignments, I knew I had to accept.


Image result for ouija seance

Jayne Harris has quite a following in the world of the paranormal. Collecting and studying haunted objects for many years,  Jayne has worked with many popular and respectable figures, including Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures, and paranormalist, Uri Geller. She has co-authored a very popular book with Dan Weatherer, What Dwells Within, and even written articles for paranormal magazines. She is the owner of the very famous Peggy, the Haunted doll, and has featured in national magazines and newspapers. I have a lot of respect for her work, and I trust that the Diploma will bring those interested in this curious subject into deeper and inspired knowledge.


Image result for jayne harris with zak bagans

Above, Jayne Harris with Zak Bagans, of Ghost Adventures and Deadly Possessions.


So, this week and for the foreseeable future, I shall take part in this interactive, online, and self-paced course. I am going to review regularly my thoughts on the course and on the topics it covers here on my blog, so that people who are interested in the subject can learn more, and also people who are curious about enrolling on the course themselves can see if the study appeals to them. The course itself opens for public enrollment in March.



Diploma in Applied Paranormal Research:


HD Paranormal Website:



2 responses

  1. I had taken similar course years ago with personal study from the library. This would had been so much easier if the Internet was available back then. Question will they be coming old school investigation tips too?


    January 30, 2017 at 8:06 pm

  2. Hi! Yes, from what I see they will cover old and new techniques of paranormal investigation. I will share more as I go along through the course. I think it will cover most aspects of paranormal history and investigation.


    January 30, 2017 at 8:19 pm

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