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Step Into THE VOID – A Movie Review

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THERE IS A HELL. THIS IS WORSE –  so says the tagline on promotional posters of new movie, The Void, starring actors Aaron Poole and Allison Fraser, and directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Konstanski. Released across theatres in the US and Canada, and with a DVD release in Europe, this film has already garnered positive attention from horror and sci-fi fans.

The Void follows character Daniel Carter, a police officer (played by Aaron Poole), who comes across an injured man in the middle of secluded land during his shift. Taking the bleeding man to a hospital to get him help, Carter soon realises something is amiss. A small group of staff and patients are trapped in the eerie hospital as they are surrounded by sinister looking figures who lie in wait beyond the darkness of the hospital. Who they are and what they want remains a mystery throughout much of the film, which lends to the suspense of the story. Add to that the mysterious deaths occurring amongst those who are desperately trapped in the hospital, and you have the ingredients for an unsettling and creepy film.


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This movie is likely to appeal to fans of sci-fi and horror – I won’t be the first to say that there are elements in the film which bring to mind the Netflix series Stranger Things. There have also been comments in online reviews which mention the work of John Carpenter in comparison. What the directors and script writers have developed here, in The Void, is an animal of its own kind, in my opinion. Yes, some of the comparisons are understandable, but the film stands strongly on its own; such is the strength of the script, setting and atmosphere achieved. It is uniquely its own – The Void is a creepy drive on a uniquely dark road – gripping and uncomfortable, gritty yet other-wordly.

It is hard to place The Void in one category. I am first and foremost a horror fan, and there are plenty of dark elements to this story that pulled me in. The dark magnet of mystery and fear was certainly enough to grab my attention and keep it. The other-wordly aspect to the story lends those vivid flavours of science fiction, as previously mentioned, keeping fans of that style gripped. There is also drama – the relationships between characters deeper and more complicated than first imagined, the cast bringing to life the script impressively.

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I enjoyed The Void. It was a creepy setting – the story unfolding within the corridors of a dark hospital, which I loved – and the cast were strong. Aaron Poole delivered his role as Daniel Carter with a vivid authenticity, breathing life into his character in the brilliant way Poole does in his roles. Kenneth Walsh, Daniel Fathers and Kathleen Munroe were equally impressive, as were the cast as a whole. The tension, believability and strength the film possesses is because of the weight of the cast presence.

Atmospheric, unusual, dark and sinister. These are the words that come to mind after spending time in The Void. It is different from any other horror I have seen lately, standing out amongst other recent releases. I highly recommend it, and rate the film 5 stars out of five.

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