Completed: My Verdict on the Diploma in Applied Paranormal Research

YOU may recall a few posts back, that I was in the middle of completing the Diploma in Applied Paranormal Research, organised and run by prominent paranormal investigator and author, Jayne Harris. I promised my verdict, once the course was completed – and after finishing my ten assignments, including the practical investigation, I feel it’s now time to share my thoughts on the course.

The course includes ten assignment project sections, which include:


  • Understanding Metaphysics

  • The history of paranormal investigation

  • Forensic approaches to experiments

  • Practical assignment (taking part in an investigation)

Each assignment includes reading material and an online video tutorial by Jayne Harris. There is access to a chat room and forum, where students can discuss topics or receive help with anything they are struggling with, and at the conclusion of the course, each student who successfully completes the assignments receives a certificate from one of the leading accreditation bodies.

My thoughts? After finishing each assignment, and watching all tutorials, I can genuinely say I enjoyed the course. As someone who has been passionate about the paranormal since I was a child, I’d always been looking for a way to cement my ideas, a way to explore theories and engage in serious study. This was my opportunity, and it was very interesting. What I particularly liked about the course was that although Jayne presented many different theories regarding the paranormal, there was never a moment where I felt I was being told the “answer” to anything. In fact, Jayne Harris takes pride in displaying all offered evidence, theories and texts, and allowing the student to develop their own ideas and conclusions. This is a course that aims to provide information, leading the student down a path of their own discovery.


Image result for creepy building


I wondered if there would be enough to the course to really captivate my attention, purely because I’ve already spent many, many years studying the subject myself. I wondered if I could learn anything new. I needn’t have worried, because Jayne – although having to include some of the more common and basic themes of the paranormal – also delved deeply into other aspects that were new to me. I felt there was more than enough to get me thinking, learning and developing my ideas.

Jayne herself expresses the subject brilliantly in her tutorials. Clear, concise, and interesting. There was no point where I felt a tutorial was lacking – all lessons where written well, presented well and achieved the aim: to educate the student.

I truly believe this course will be well received by not only believers, but also sceptics. As mentioned, Jayne doesn’t set out to “convince” anyone of anything, but merely shares as much information, history and theories as possible. There is enough to captivate most people’s attention  – and hold it firmly!

All in all, I very much enjoyed the course. The writing assignments helped me to sum up my own feelings and beliefs, and the lessons really sharpened my mind to things that I thought I already knew enough about.

I believe Jayne has achieved what she set out to, with this course. To explore, to educate, to engage with people on this fascinating subject. I feel any student will come away feeling more equipped to understanding hauntings, or taking part confidently in paranormal investigations.


I highly recommend this course, and I rate it 5/5

To learn more about this course, or apply to take part, here is the link:

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