WE GO ON – A Film Review


A Film Review

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I am a late arrival to this film: I’m a big horror fan and usually up-to-date with new releases (in film and literature), so when I come across a film I haven’t heard of, I’m surprised. I read about We Go On via social media recently (a friend’s post) and I decided to give it a try. I’m pleased I did: We Go On is a must-see movie for  horror fans and I’m glad this one didn’t remain on my “unseen” list for long.

Starring Clark Freeman (Yellow Brick Road), and Annette O Toole (from the 1980s Stephen King’s IT series), the film is highly original and unique: in a horror market flooded with mimicked scares and trappings, We Go On manages to push fresh air into the genre.

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So what’s it about? We Go On tells the story of a young man, Miles Grissom, who is so anxiety-ridden and scared of death, that he places an advert in a newspaper: prove to him that the after-life exists, and he’ll pay the successful candidate $30,000 reward. So the tale descends into darkness… swamped by applicants who each think they can show Miles the proof he’s after, he works his way through until he finally reaches the one person who can prove to him that there really is something beyond the dark veil of death.

The story is dark and beautifully told; the jump-scares, effects and script all work together seamlessly to produce a fantastic horror film. I found the story to be engaging, and for a seasoned horror fan like me, I was surprised at the amount of tension the film managed to enfold me with. I was actually nervous during some of the scenes!

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One aspect I find important to mention; the lead character, played by Freeman, was rattled by heavy anxiety. He was a troubled and disturbed young man, and I found Freeman’s portrayal to be sensitive, truthful and authentic. Because of his work on this project I will be looking forward to watching his other films.

I think the director (Jesse Holland), script writers and actors involved have created a strong, creepy and worthwhile film here. Brilliant performances from the entire cast, including the talented Giovanna Zacarías, (who plays a medium trying to help Miles) and Laura Heisler, who plays a troubled and betrayed woman who collides with Miles over her troubled past and his current mission.

If you like a scary movie, turn down your lights, watch this film and enjoy. I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed.


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